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Car racing subreddits and their choice of words

While attending a car race you often can not even hear your own words, let alone the ones of your fellow fans. But luckily we can read what people write on the internet.

About 537k randomly chosen comments to about 16k submissions from 2013-08 to 2014-07 on /r/nascar, /r/formula1 and /r/rally were collected and analysed for frequency of specific words and phrases.


First let’s look at how much the three examined communities talk about the technical aspects of their topic. The F1 people are leading this category, while for the nascar fans something else seems to be important. technics (‘acceleration’ and ‘wreck’ are not included, because they produce no relevant numbers here.)

Food, drinks etc.

If we look at the next diagram we could conjecture that these other things are food and drinks. food_drinks_and_drugs


Also if it comes to cursing, nascar is the leader, but not as distinct as in the previous category.




Here the rally community shines again. Additionally to their low swear word factor, they express their happiness much more than the other two. Especially their sense for awesomeness seems to be pronounced.



Mutual mentions

The nascar and F1 guys mention each others a lot, while rally is quite left out.


(Click here for the interactive version and an explanation for this diagram type.)

That’s it. If you want to you can download the raw data all these diagrams are based on.